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Personality Socks

  (inkl. 19,00% MwSt., zzgl. Shipping)
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Free shipping within Germany !
One set for 15€ includes 4 equal socks for one chair. If you want to order a set of 4 (for 4 chairs), please mention the styles in the comment field in the order process.
Made in Germany.
The ideal leg perimeter is 9-13 cm.

Size: 16 x 4 cm , Ø: 2,5cm
Weight: 0,02 kg

We all know these stereotype socks and associate certain personalities with them. The Personality Socks show impressively how strong these associations can be - they even turn your piece of furniture into a lady, snob, small town boy or a good girl. A humorous protection for your wooden floor, but also on other, preferably smooth floors, they reduce the noise effectively.